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Global RFID Tagging Solutions — What You Need to Know

Caveat emptor, or buyer beware, as the saying goes… So when choosing a global RFID solution, make sure your RFID tags are truly global — especially since a lot of competitive products claim to follow global RFID standards and operate on “global” frequency bands, but actually do not, or not without diminished range. We’ve deployed industrial RFID […]

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Best Practices for RFID in Harsh Environments

Omni-ID RFID tags are the most rugged tags in the industry. Simply put: we offer the largest selection of industrial RFID tags and visual tag solutions available (I could brag about how we are the original patent-holder for on-metal RFID tags, and that we’re the #1 supplier and manufacturer of UHF RFID). But more importantly, […]

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Reflections on RFID Journal LIVE

Industry trends and why they matter. Do you pay attention to the latest trends — like what diet fad is sweeping social media, or what color IS the new black? Whether you are or not, when it comes to this industry, trends matter. They make a difference. And they are evidence of continually advancing technology […]

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