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Are you up to date on the latest regulations and best practices for using passive RFID in hazardous areas?

Check out the new whitepaper from our partner, Extronics where they answer the question: Do passive RFID tags need to be certified? Many Omni-ID RFID tags, certified safe by Extronics, are highlighted in the paper. Maybe you have a harsh environment application right now! We are here to help you identify the RFID requirements, conduct […]

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Digital Transformation Through RFID

By Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer, Omni-ID In this age of IoT (Internet of Things) and big data analytics, there is more pressure on CIOs than ever before to look to the impressive array of new technologies available as a tool to dramatically improve their business. Pervasive digital transformation of the enterprise is the rallying […]

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Why RFID Labels can be the Solution

Enterprises are continually looking deeper into their operations and farther across their supply chains for opportunities to become more efficient and more cost effective. RFID Labels have proven a viable solution for true asset visibility and tracking in many industries and a variety of applications. Here’s WHY: Small footprint, low profile, big results! — When you […]

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Helping Customers Find Their Right IoT Partners

Plano, Texas (June, 2018): The Technology Headlines, a magazine that brings together CIOs, CXOs, and other technology decisions makers to speak on the evolution of technology and industry trends, has announced the release of their new edition: “10 Fastest Growing IoT Companies to Watch in 2018.” While the issue reviews the key players in the […]

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RFID can tackle the Harshest Environments

Omni-ID RFID tags are the most rugged tags in the industry. Simply put: we offer the largest selection of industrial RFID tags and visual tag solutions available (I could brag about how we are the original patent-holder for on-metal RFID tags, and that we’re the #1 supplier and manufacturer of UHF RFID). But more importantly, […]

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