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Agile innovation and continuous improvement in intelligent tagging, tracking and monitoring

Omni-ID works with leading systems integrators and partners providing solutions for many of the world’s largest companies. Projects in [passive tags], [IoT devices] and [custom tagging] span some of the harshest environments and some of the most challenging conditions in which to apply communications technology.

Yet we have the uncanny knack of making things work.

OK, it’s not an uncanny knack. It’s down to our enthusiasm and integrity, focusing the skill of our innovative in-house product development team. Our purpose-built development and production facilities are brimming with highly skilled technicians with genuine passion for the [products] we create.

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Combining 100+ years of experience

Omni-ID’s global team, combining 100+ years of experience, has been first to market many times, innovating across our broad product portfolio. We are consistently recognised for our best-in-class design and quality of connected devices. Not only can we resolve real business issues but we generating significant ROI for our customers.

There’s a lot we could say about what we do

Omni-ID are proud to be the vanguard of IoT tracking and monitoring. We’ve pushed the boundaries of passive tag technology — and are now complementing our core products with powerful, robust and high performing IoT devices that are accelerating the scope and accuracy of data that can be harvested.

Our trusted technology ranges are empowering digital transformation of businesses wherever asset management is needed.

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Whenever you have equipment, personnel or processes that need monitoring, tracking or auditing, you can rely on Omni-ID to provide the hardware that will intelligently present you with the data you require. This may be via a product that already exists in our extensive, ever-evolving portfolio or a custom-designed device created for your specific needs.