We are delighted to announce the appointment of Amir Mobayen as Chief Revenue Officer

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Amir Mobayen as Chief Revenue Officer

The term ‘industry heavyweight’ is used too freely these days but in this case it is truly warranted and it is great news for us as well as our partners and customers that Amir Mobayen has chosen to join us on the next stage of growth and development.

The first time I spoke to Amir his knowledge, confidence and experience came shining through and it’s easy to see how he has built a reputation as a consummate relationship builder. It is also clear that he is excited about the opportunity his new role at Omni-ID presents – by his own admission he has helped steer some pretty big ‘ocean going cruise ships’ but Omni-ID represents a powerful and agile ‘speedboat’ that can change direction easily and move fast towards its destination.

Amir brings thirty years’ of electronics industry experience and has held senior roles with leading RFID vendors, where he has grown international sales in the retail & consumer and industrial sectors. His most recent role was with Smartrac Technology, where he was President of the Transponder Division, with full profit and loss ownership of the RFID division and responsibility for sales, product management and product marketing, sales operations and technology across the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

Our CEO, Tony Kington couldn’t hide his excitement at the appointment – “It’s not often that someone with Amir’s experience and reputation becomes available in the market and we are delighted to welcome him to Omni-ID. He has a strong track record of building and leading international sales operations and developing go-to-market partnerships with leading corporations. His experience, energy, drive and focus on delivering value to customers matches our own. His appointment represents a new chapter for Omni-ID as we enter a very high growth phase and expand our offer to the markets we serve.”

Commenting on his appointment, Amir Mobayen said, “Omni-ID has methodically built a healthy, profitable business in the industrial RFID space over the last few years and offers a strong solution approach enabling partners to create their own tracking and sensing applications. There is a great opportunity to both grow the customer base in the core RFID tags and labels side of the business but also to build on the recent launch of the Sense IoT range to create intelligent devices that provide organizations with real-time data to guide business decisions. With a strong management team, and multi-regional talent base, a shared global strategy and the right partnerships, we can deliver significant results for our customers and partners.”

Amir Mobayen
Amir Mobayen

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