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At Omni-ID, we have become known for continually evolving the RFID tagging and labelling game to offer ever more value to customers.

Since 2009, we’ve worked hard to both advance and guarantee the quality of our innovative products and solutions, incorporating rigorous attention to detail all the way from original concept to completion.

As a direct result, we are proud of our ability to respond to the most precise and exacting customer requirements. But to expand our lead, having key partners at our side is crucial.

Together we can tackle even the most unusual and specific customer objectives, maximizing the potential for sophisticated fit-for-purpose and custom solutions within every industry sector — from manufacturing and logistics to retail, warehousing, government and defense, or beyond (the sky, as they say, is the limit).

We’d love to discuss the potential for new partners to work with us to deliver complementary products, services and solutions. In exchange, we offer our own laser focus on quality and manufacturing excellence across diverse use cases.

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Interested? Join us. Here’s how to become an authorized Omni-ID partner

Work with the #1 provider of asset management RFID — from industrial tags to SenseIoT solutions — worldwide.  Through our Omni-ID partner portal, we drive value for all our resellers.

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You will also receive access to lead generation, competitive pricing including aggressive volume discounts and attractive margins, deal registration, access to new products first, with support available every step of the way, including 24/7 online quoting, phone and email support, wherever you are worldwide.

From the Omni-ID partner portal, you’ll be able to download the deal registration guide.

Our process will have you accessing the portal in just three simple steps.

If you have been a partner in the past, we would also ask that you help us update our files by completing the application through the link below.

Step 1

Complete the Omni-ID partner application form. Click ‘submit form and an Omni-ID representative will contact you.

Click here to download a copy of the application for your records.

Step 2

We will send you an application approval via email. When you receive this, please register for the portal. To start, click on the ‘Registration’ button in the email. You will need to set up a username and password.

Step 3

Once your registration is activated, simply log in to the portal with that username and password. Any problems, please contact us!

Omni-ID has made and sold millions of tags globally across a wide range of industries.

Is your asset metal, plastic or wood? We make it easy to embed within your plastic mold tooling process. Is your asset used in a high temperature application, or a harsh environment?

Do you need integration with existing software, or complete implementation planning that meets your business requirements?

We also provide RFID readers, antennas including placement and installation, and other RFID hardware and hardware system design.

We’ve created customized, embedded solutions for optimal performance in golf balls, on drill pipes for oil and gas exploration, medical device trays and tires.

We’re confident we can build yours.

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