David Read takes on consultancy role at Omni-ID

David Read takes on consultancy role at Omni-ID

We are delighted to announce that hugely experienced RFID and IoT specialist, David Read has decided to work with us as a consultant to support our customers and partners in Europe.

David has been at the sharp end of RFID, IoT and Industrial Revolution 4.0 for over 20 years and brings with him a wealth of knowledge across different industries.

In discussing David’s life and career it becomes apparent that it is characterised by a sea of acronyms such as RFID, IoT, MBA, PADI, BSAC, LUFC…. to name a few.

David started his career in the automotive industry as an industrial engineer working with companies such as British Leyland, Jaguar, Land Rover and Ford. He put the second set of linear robots into the UK and was one of the first adopters of Japanese and US automotive quality systems in the UK.

His automotive roles also included Pre Production Engineering Manager and Production Control Manager before moving into the Defence and Aerospace sector working as Production Control Manager for missile activation systems for Lucas Aerospace.

David then began a long love affair with the IT industry when he joined AT&T Istel as a Manufacturing Systems Consultant for ERP solutions. Here he gained exposure to managing professional services and set his sights on more ‘General Management’ experience which naturally led him into roles with more sales focus.

At Logica David headed up SAP and ERP sales before managing the SAP SME division. It was here that David’s RFID experience began as he started implementing Auto ID and RFID projects as part of solutions. At TrenStar his RFID experience rocketed in a range of industries including brewing, defence, aerospace, automotive and fashion. This experience was enhanced further at Intellident where he ran the RFID team and worked with large clients like Tesco, M&S and Honda – where he first came across and struck up a rapport with  Omni-ID.

Over the last 12 years David has been a highly sought after RFID consultant representing and marketing a range of suppliers including Kathrein Solutions, Denso, Xerafy and Main Tag.

David is delighted to bring his consulting skills to Omni-ID and said.

“I’ve been an admirer of Tony Kington and his Omni-ID team for many years. The quality of their products and the innovative approach they bring to new product development is second to none and they have a great reputation around the world. I can’t wait to start talking to customers all over Europe about Omni-ID’s existing range as well as introducing them to the exciting pipeline of new products”.

David completed the MBA mentioned earlier at Warwick University and is based in the beautiful English county of Yorkshire. He is a big family man with 4 children and 5 grandsons who he will probably be hoping will one day play for his beloved Leeds United Football Club. If you want Scuba diving lessons as well as advice about RFID tags, David can help with that too as a PADI and BSAC qualified advanced Dive leader.

A very warm welcome to the team David

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