Products Certified for explosive environments

Ex Products: RFID Hardware for Explosive and Hazardous Industrial Environments

When our devices are used in hazardous environments where explosions could occur they need to be accredited as being safe for use.


Understanding the Certification

Sounds complicated? Do not worry as we have partnered with Extronics – a leading expert in this field who we use to verify and certify products used in explosive environments on our behalf. Many of our existing products are already verified but so are many of the raw materials we use so if we are making a bespoke product for you the process to EX accreditation may be much simpler/less time consuming.

About Extronics

Extronics has served manufacturing and processing industries since 1992 by designing and manufacturing equipment to improve safety and efficiency in hazardous areas and harsh industrial environments. This includes wireless connectivity, Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), auto-ID solutions, and expertise in back-up power.

To learn more download the Extronics ATEX infographic here.

Download the Extronics Whitepaper here.

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Discover our Ex products

Exo tags

When the going gets tough, try our rugged Exo range. True to their name, Omni-ID Exo tags provide the durability of an encased RFID tag in a small footprint, for harsh environments. In fact, we’d go so far as to say (modestly, of course) that they’re the most rugged passive tags on the market.

IQ labels

Omni-ID IQ labels are our core range of low-profile and printable on-metal RFID labels — great for tracking IT assets in datacentres and offices, including office computers and equipment such as furniture or small returnable transport items (RTIs).

Fit Tags

Need an asset management solution that can withstand high temperatures yet fit into small or narrow spaces? We have a range that’s FiT for purpose.

Specialty Tags

One of the reasons Omni-ID has the largest product portfolio in the market is our ability to create custom-designed products to fit your or your customer’s needs. Sometimes these products remain custom for a specific application — but at other times they can become products marketed to our global customer base.