Global RFID Tagging Solutions — What You Need to Know

Global RFID Tagging Solutions — What You Need to Know

Caveat emptor, or buyer beware, as the saying goes…

So when choosing a global RFID solution, make sure your RFID tags are truly global — especially since a lot of competitive products claim to follow global RFID standards and operate on “global” frequency bands, but actually do not, or not without diminished range.

We’ve deployed industrial RFID tagging solutions in 67 countries on 6 continents: so we know what it takes to implement a truly global RFID solution.

Problems with Not-So-Global RFID Tags

The fact is, other solutions may claim “global” functionality — but they actually operate with a diminished range across a particular bandwidth, either the European Union or North American Standard, or the other. So even the most state-of-the-art RFID readers and infrastructure may seem lagging or crawling if RFID tags with diminished range — that, is, not truly global ones — are used.

Problems with RFID tags could get worse when tags are used to store or encrypt more extensive data. And if your RFID tags are not thoroughly — and regionally and globally tested — before deployment, they may work brilliantly at one location, but lag at another, or pose other frustrating problems with RFID reader-tag communications.

Omni-ID RFID Tags: Options for Truly Global RFID

We provide options for industrial RFID tags and on-metal RFID labels that are proven to operate regionally — and globally — without diminished range. So whether you’re using passive RFID tags or active RFID tags (I forgot to mention we offer the only combination Active and Passive RFID tag), when it comes to global RFID tagging — beware — and remember to make sure your tags are truly global…

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