Government and Defense

From a military base even to the field of battle, it’s crucial for defense departments, logistics command and distribution centers to accurately count, track and locate their assets.

Omni-ID solutions can provide asset lifecycle management and global visibility for mobile assets, guns and other weapons, fleet vehicles, large rolling stock and high value assets of all kinds, delivering actionable data and operational visibilities across supply chains anywhere, any time.

With a full suite of powerful, high-performance solutions for standard settings, hazardous environments and high temperatures, we have the tag to fit you or your customer’s specialized asset requirements.

If we don’t, we can build it. Our dedicated teams of RF scientists, technicians and asset management experts based in our own manufacturing facility are passionate about designing ingenious, fit-for-purpose solutions from concept to completion.

In addition, our testing and quality assurance processes are intensive and exacting — we won’t be risking our hard-won status as a trusted supplier of data capture solutions any time soon.

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Specialty RFID products to the United States Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps wanted a RFID solution for tracking assets being shipped back from the war in Afghanistan, including high-value rolling stock, containers, and vehicles.

Omni-ID worked with CDO Technologies partners to develop various passive tagging solutions to deliver visibility and status data complying with the high standards required by the US military.

Result? Tracking, locating and managing assets with high accuracy, saving time and money while achieving full visibility of asset arrival, departure and maintenance with verifiable records.

RFID asset management solution for datacenter and lab equipment

NASA sought a fast, accurate and cost-effective way to track and identify both datacenter and highly mobile laboratory assets across multiple locations. Barcodes utilized were hard to see, let alone read.

Omni-ID with systems integrator partner DataSpan recommended a passive UHF RFID tag solution incorporating both metal and non-metal assets, teamed with handheld scanners with inventory visibility and reporting capabilities. The solution can be scaled across multiple sites.

Result? Asset inventories now much faster; mobile lab asset inventories now 100% accurate. Cost and process efficiencies gave ROI in 18 months.

In the age of Covid-19, many organizations are critically rethinking the way they organize their asset management. Clever RFID solutions with the required level of intelligence, including audible alerts, can be developed or even custom-designed from the ground up either as an overlay or a fully integrated system to assist, for example, social distancing.

Challenge our team of RF scientists and engineers.

Challenge our team of RF scientists and engineers to ideate, develop and architect something new. Our technical experts will work directly with your staff to design a high-quality Omni-ID solution for greater performance, with advanced technology that can help save you money. Every product must pass our stringent testing and quality assurance regimes.

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