High Temperature

High Temperature

It’s getting hotter, well, almost everywhere, posing increased challenges for asset management.

With Omni-ID RFID technology, you can track, trace, monitor and manage a wide range of assets to guarantee maximum productivity under unprecedented levels of environmental stress, including survivability at up to 235°Celsius (455°F).

Many industries need to process assets, products or materials at elevated temperatures, whether directly from application of heat or steam or indirectly – for example in highly pressurized settings such as downhole drilling for [oil & gas]. Think about rubber vulcanization and compression molding for tires, ammunition outer shells that are molded under high stress and heat, or acidic plating and similar processes that involve exposure to solvents.

Standard tags may experience changes in their tuning, detachment from the asset or even total failure as a result of exposure to these kinds of temperatures. Yet reliably identifying individual assets and containers generates efficiencies and is a boon for compliance whether across maintenance or delivery schedules, safety procedures or in the overall quality assurance that delivers the best possible customer experience.

Read on to learn more about Omni-ID tags that can beat the heat, with up to 8m read ranges.

Testing – the Exo 400 HT tag

We test all our products, without fail, to the highest appropriate standards. The Exo 400 HT passive RFID tag has been subjected to extreme testing, simulating a broad spectrum of possible environments, to ensure performance across a much higher temperature than standard tags. A sample of tags is subjected to thermal soak, cycling and shock testing at various temperatures and time intervals, with a calibrated thermal chamber deployed to ensure accuracy. These tags are tested for frequency shift, changes in read range and IP68 compliance once the internal temperature has returned to below a maximum operating temperature of 85°C (185°F).

Download our Exo 400 HT applicaion & test guide

Small and mighty HT

Many high temperature tags have previously been too large and expensive for customer needs. To endure elevated temperatures, these tags need many layers of insulation. However, Omni-ID HT tags incorporate ingenious materials and clever innovations to achieve survivability — and versatility — in a small form factor.

Here are a few of the multiple use cases for our HT tags.

Need an unusual embedded solution, a specific size of label, or a custom location for your attachment? We have a skilled team on hand that’s passionate about creating new and bespoke iterations of our trusted and innovative technology. Ask us about our game-changing specialty and custom-designed solutions.

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