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Products, applied to your purposes.

Whatever your sector or industry, you have specific requirements for asset management. We can tailor our solutions to suit.

Finding the right RFID solution within specialized industries can be a challenge. But as the inventors of on-metal tags and continuous innovators in our field, we like to meet unique environments on their own terms, in fair or foul weather. Our tags come in multiple types and sizes and can be custom-designed, including for more extreme environmental conditions and high temperatures, enhancing process and workflow efficiencies.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Track, trace, monitor and maintain any or all of the tools, assets and equipment you or your customer uses every day, whether en route, on site or in any specialized operations location.


If you build it, they will come. And when they do, ensure business performance via asset management with best-in-class tagging hardware, maximizing budgets as well as available inventory.

Oil & Gas

Gain a 360° understanding of process and equipment via rugged, passive RFID or Sense IoT devices that manage assets end to end, achieving full inventory transparency and automated compliance.


Drive greater efficiencies and control resource costs within water, electricity and gas suppliers worldwide via tagging, tracking, monitoring and sensing of on-site infrastructure and remote assets.

IT & Office Asset Management

Forget manual inventory counts forever with accurate, automated IT and datacenter asset tracking. Assured, timely inventory at your fingertips, raising productivity and boosting the bottom line.

Government & Defense

Durable, versatile and custom-built monitoring for departmental or military assets including high-value equipment like guns, vehicles and other mobile items, maximizing operational efficiencies.