Integrated Circuits you can identify with

Integrated Circuits you can identify with


Trust Omni-ID to arm our devices with the very latest chip technology available – giving you faster, longer and more universal read performance.

You have probably heard in the media, and perhaps also in a business context, that the global supply of semi-conductors is under pressure due to surging demand for mobile and IOT type devices. At Omni-ID we have taken steps to secure our supply chain PLUS take the opportunity to fit our devices with the very latest chip technology – giving faster, longer and more reliable read performance.

Our design engineering team are constantly reviewing the latest developments in IC technology to ensure the optimum performance of our devices. Recent upgrades to the IC’s we are using will not only guarantee supply in the face of any potential shortage but will also see performance increases of 20% or greater across our whole product range.

We are as demanding on the IC suppliers as our customers are on us to get faster read speeds, longer read distances, smaller device footprints and more universal performance across international territories.

Good examples of high performing chips with unhindered levels of supply are Impinj with their M700 Series and Axzon’s Magnus Series but we are testing other new IC’s all the time.

Our expert team will be happy to answer any questions you have about our latest IC’s and the high quality, reliable supply chain we get them from.

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