IoT you can identify with

Beacons and sensors for the future of tracking,
monitoring and sensing

Multi-tasking is hard for businesses, made up as they are of humans.

The Internet of Things (IoT), where not only people but objects can go online and communicate with each other in increasingly sophisticated ways, is becoming key in complex industry infrastructures with myriad ‘moving parts’.

Industries like manufacturing are moving from just-in-time to just-in-sequence inventory — demanding split-second timing and reliability across interlocking material flows.

IoT applications add intelligence to tagging, incorporating IoT sensors at appropriate points. Working in parallel across, typically, a hierarchical framework to wirelessly communicate individual identity and status in real time, even receiving or transmitting information from central command.

Imagine playing a symphony, conducted across the best possible arrangement of individual players and instruments, beyond the concert hall.

We hope that Sense, our ever-evolving range of IoT devices, will be music to your ears.

SenseIoT Condition Monitoring Series

These powerful, sensitive and accurate devices with Bluetooth and LoRaWAN provide reliable feedback when there is a change in conditions. Variants can measure temperature, distance (using a laser) or provide push-button alerts to manually highlight and record the condition change.

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SenseIoT Asset Management and Logistics Series

Intelligent, potent devices that can keep tabs on important or valuable assets, indoors or out. Our specialist location devices accurately pinpoint position over shorter distances via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or over longer distances by combining LoRaWAN and GPS tracking.

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SenseIoT Personnel Tracking

Recent World events have made personnel tracking and monitoring more important than ever. Omni-ID have developed highly innovative devices that can literally save lives as well as time and money.

Our Shield product provides highly accurate track and trace data for individual workers and also alerts team members with an alarm when social distancing protocols are about to be breached.

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OmniSphere Middleware

Middleware is the ‘glue’ that makes high-tech solutions really work: even the most innovative and intelligent hardware needs a little help. OmniSphere Middleware is now a fully formed cloud based IoT platform that integrates all data from Sense devices for simple data collection, interpretation, storage and visualization. We also offer Sense config — an easy to use tool for configuring Omni-ID Sense products, for Android or PC.

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Ready to ‘test your Senses’?

Our range of SenseIoT devices can supercharge your monitoring, tracking and sensing projects. Click here for user guides and apps to help you get the most from our advanced technology.

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