SenseIoT Asset Management & Logistics Series

Locate and track valued assets indoors or outside with our SenseIoT range.

These intelligent and powerful sensing devices can provide high position accuracy over shorter distances via robust and durable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, and combine LoRaWAN and GPS tracking for a robust performance over longer distances.

If you are in asset management for construction, intermodal, oil & gas, transportation, mining, facilities or production management, our SenseIoT Asset Management and Logistics Series can help you with container tracking, material flows, yard management and parts replenishment, fleet monitoring, worker accountability and even emergency detection.

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The future is always just ahead, and Omni-ID can take you or your customer there. We can track and help manage anything (or anyone) important to you or your business. Our RFID tags with IoT capabilities can be used in and adapted for applications across [manufacturing & logistics], [construction], [oil & gas] environments, [utilities], [IT & office asset management], and [government & defense] (including yard management as well as tracking of rentals, returnables and tools). Our new active range of SenseIoT devices is opening up exciting possibilities in long distance tracking and communication via specifications like [LoRaWAN] & [Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)]. And because we have our own highly skilled technician teams and manufacturing facility, we can also design a new customized solution bespoke for your specialized environment.

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Challenge our team of RF scientists and engineers to ideate, develop and architect something new. Our technical experts will work directly with your staff to design a high-quality Omni-ID solution for greater performance, with advanced technology that can help save you money. Every product must pass our stringent testing and quality assurance regimes.

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