Introducing OmniSphere

Comprehensive middleware that allows you to easily locate, track and monitor assets or personnel.

This short animated video will hopefully give you an idea of how OmniSphere can speed up ‘proof of concept’ or technology evaluations.

OmniSphere is a beautifully simple yet powerful and reliable middleware platform that takes the data from our range of Sense IoT devices and delivers it seamlessly to your existing corporate applications.

This modular middleware works diligently in the background collecting the data you need to enable you to monitor the real-time location, interactions and status of people and things in the physical world. As a result, even the most complex processes become visible and controllable.

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The 4 highlights of OmniSphere

Powerful API with ERP and business applications

  • Partners or customers can integrate OmniSphere data into their own business tools like ERP, WMS, MESAvailable options:
  • Intermediate exchange tables for back-end systems (XML and JSON)
  • REST / JSON and websockets for web-based applications

Easy-to-deploy middleware integrated with Omni-ID devices

  • Plug-and-play: Connect the gateway to the internet and you are good to go
  • OmniSphere automatically pulls device data through the gateway and collects, digests and presents it in a user-friendly, configurable interface
  • Ready for PoC and production

Customer can self-configure and provision

  • Basic process-oriented functionality
  • Tasks, KPIs and reports
  • Multi-tenant application
  • Full access control (organisations, users, profiles)

Comprehensive tracking

  • Traceability events – what, where, when, how
  • Logging and processing data about the movements/status of ‘things’ and moving people
  • Events, KPI, Reports
  • Server-based algorithms, ML, AI

How It Works

Performance Overview

3 Key UX Features of OmniSphere


This flexible tool has been designed with the user in mind to ensure each of use and simple self configuration without high level technical expertise. The platform can be used to provision new devices, configure events types, status and key performance indicators (KPIs), change menus, upload maps and layouts and create geofences. It is also easy to use Omni-Sphere to manage different organizations, sites and teams via access control to profiles, organizations and users

Tracking + processes

OmniSphere provides operational process management, including:

  • RFID, bar codes, QR, precise positioning with RTLS, GPS trackers and IoT devices over LoRa, Sigfox and 3G networks.
  • Easy logging and data processing of the movement and status of assets and personnel.
  • Process-oriented functionality: event-based processes, tasks, reports, alarms
  • Server-based algorithms, ML, AI

Easy integration

OmniSphere is based on an open API for easy integration with other systems and applications:

  • Data consumption, system monitoring and configuration
  • Different options available:
  • Intermediate exchange tables for back-end systems (XML and JSON) REST/JSON
  • Websockets for web-based applications
  • MQTT (XML and JSON)

OmniSphere integrates the major tracking and positioning technologies utilised by Sense devices

Sense Demo Kits

OmniSphere is a key element in the Sense Technology Evaluation Kits. These kits are available in a BLE version and a LoRaWAN version and come with two-months’ access to OmniSphere Lite*and pre-configured for the devices supplied with the demo kit.  All that is required is to plug in the gateway to a network switch to provide an internet connection.  The gateway will then automatically push the device data it receives to OmniSphere where data is interpreted, stored and displayed on a user-friendly graphical user interface. Speak your Omni-ID sales representative to discuss the benefits of OmniSphere and to order one of the evaluation kits.

*OmniSphere Lite is the Demo version of OmniSphere that allows for testing and POC’s.

Use Cases