Manufacturing & Logistics

RFID solutions from passive tags to advanced IoT devices can deliver full visibility and efficiency as manufacturing & logistics moves from just-in-time to just-in-sequence inventory and material flows.

With Omni-ID as a trusted supplier of data capture hardware and sensing solutions, you or your customer can go beyond managing work processes and automation to implementing intelligent analytics for real-time insights — powering the transition to Industry 4.0. This includes automated tracking and tracing of returnable transport items (RTIs), tools and equipment.

Our durable, fit-for-purpose tags and sensors to manage containers, pallets, cargo and individual assets are stringently tested for manufacturing excellence and quality performance, each and every time. Whether metal or non-metal, whatever the size or shape, for harsh environments, impact resistance or high temperatures, we have a concept that will underpin agility.

Don’t see what you want? Our talented teams of technicians can devise an ingenious, robust and reliable solution crafted for your exact needs.

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Hands-free RFID tool tracking system delivers rapid ROI

Holt Cat’s machine division manages tens of thousands of service assets, including tools, for maintenance and repair of heavy industrial equipment across 16 facilities. Tracing and tracking these often specialized assets was becoming incredibly costly.

Omni-ID and partner OnAsset Intelligence moved Holt Cat from paper, pens and barcodes to a hands-free RFID on-metal solution, giving an automatic view into which worker was using a particular tool, and for how long.

Result? ROI in less than eight months with ongoing cost savings and rapid employee acceptance.

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Robust and durable passive RFID tag-and-locate solution for wandering beer kegs

Asset management solution provider Keg Hounds helps brewers keep tabs on the thousands of beer kegs that go missing every year across the USA and UK. Keg loss has been estimated to cost the industry $300 million to $500 million worldwide every year.

The Omni-ID solution comprises waterproof and durable passive UHF tags with a specially designed carrier that snaps into the keg chimb securely and easily without welding, connected to a mobile app and cloud-based analytics service for full real-time visibility of keg inventory.

Result? Keg Hounds customers have successfully identified and located hundreds of thousands of missing kegs, saving more than $12.5 million in barrel losses.

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Omni-ID’s portfolio of award-winning, industrial RFID tags and IoT devices offers a huge range of tagging, tracking, monitoring and alerting options across diverse industry sectors. Our complete solutions offer a wide range of performance, form factors and workflows to fit any asset tracking, material flow management or compliance application.

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RFID solutions that work for unique requirements

The success of data-capture hardware devices across multiple applications and markets is largely down to the development of robust, reliable RFID tags that can be mounted on a variety of surfaces and that support long-term, business-critical use cases.

Innovators including Omni-ID have responded to customer need by developing increasingly durable designs resistant to harsh environments, high temperatures and heavy impacts for specific requirements – all within highly quality assured, repeatable manufacturing processes including stringent testing that meets the highest standards for enterprise deployment. Read more.

Challenge our team of RF scientists and engineers to ideate, develop and architect something new. Our technical experts will work directly with your staff to design a high-quality Omni-ID solution for greater performance, with advanced technology that can help save you money. Every product must pass our stringent testing and quality assurance regimes.

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