Longer Range WAN (LoRaWAN)

IoT devices using RFID chips with LoRaWAN technology have been used to find reindeer in Finland and pinpoint black rhino poaching in Tanzania. Technology with this longer-range communications protocol has helped monitor wildlife in the tropical Manu rainforest of deepest Peru.

When tiny sensors can be embedded into the horns of rhinos for monitoring life on the savannah, you know you’ve got tracking, tracing and monitoring that’s fit for purpose. For asset management in less poetic environments — from manufacturing & logistics, construction and oil & gas to utilities, IT & office asset management or government & defense — the LoRaWAN protocol can be trusted to come to the rescue.

At Omni-ID, you’ll find LoRaWAN employed in our new range of IoT devices, alongside Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and GPS, helping to ensure location-aware, highly accurate communications between sensors at longer ranges and a great price point. Now, you know that makes ‘Sense’.

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SenseIoT Shield

Merging a compact footprint with accelerometer and temperature sensor, this device’s audible alert buzzer and programmable options will help keep personnel safe wherever they operate, in a wide range of applications and use cases, empowered by Omni-ID SenseIoT technology and the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System.
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We must confess, it’s hard not to get a little excited about LoRaWAN, with its low power, long reach, enhanced GPS performance and lack of interference with, say, Bluetooth or WiFi. It operates in the international and free-to-use ISM frequency band (868 or 915 MHz), proven to be interference-free even in ‘crowded’ locations with many tags. And we’ve seen tags ‘talk’ successfully to LoRa gateways 20 km away. Our Sense range of IoT devices is set to accelerate this evolution — choose from advanced sensor tags in different housings for a variety of use cases.

How LoRaWAN works with SenseIoT

LoRa (Long Range) is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) physical-layer protocol based on spread spectrum modulation techniques; cloud-based medium access control (MAC) layer protocol LoRaWAN acts mainly as a handler for routing information between low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) gateways and end node devices.

Data transmitted by an end-node device is received by multiple gateways, which forward the data packets to a centralized network server. The central server in turn handles packet filtering, security and network management. In Omni-ID’s SenseIoT range, LoRaWAN is largely used to increase ability to communicate over longer distances, sometimes in conjunction with other technologies like GPS. This enables Omni-ID to develop advanced RFID solutions for a wider range of applications and use cases, customized at an affordable price point for unique environments.

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Extend tracking, tracing, monitoring and data gathering capabilities

RFID empowered with LoRaWAN can supercharge facilities or IT & office asset management, production line material flow, consumables replenishment, room utilisation, state change notification, space/asset utilisation, field operations, ports, construction & mining, emergency detection, worker accountability, fleet monitoring, yard management — even conservation.