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A framework for innovation – our patented plasmonic structure

Patents US7880619 and US7768400 granted in the US, Europe and Asia are the building blocks of our on-metal/near liquid RFID intellectual property. Traditional tags are based on antennas that don’t work on or near metal, or near many liquids.

However, Omni-ID’s patented plasmonic structure incorporates layers of conductors and dielectrics to isolate the RF from the tag’s surrounding environment. This enables the tag to perform successfully on or near metal and liquids — delivering a highly adaptable, versatile technology platform on which new high-performance innovations and robust customizations can be founded.

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Omni-ID has made and sold millions of tags globally across a wide range of industries.

Is your asset metal, plastic or wood? We make it easy to embed within your plastic mold tooling process. Is your asset used in a high temperature application, or a harsh environment?

Do you need integration with existing software, or complete implementation planning that meets your business requirements?

We also provide RFID readers, antennas including placement and installation, and other RFID hardware and hardware system design.

We’ve created customized, embedded solutions for optimal performance in golf balls, on drill pipes for oil and gas exploration, medical device trays and tires.

We’re confident we can build yours.

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