More innovation you can identify with

More innovation you can identify with

Omni-ID have worked closely with two other leaders in the RFID sector to create intelligent pharmaceutical labels that accurately measure temperature and fill level.



This unique label solution is a real triumph in technically advanced antenna design and miniaturisation and shows fantastic collaboration between our engineering team and those of our two partners on this project. The solution has been designed to provide the necessary oversight, temperature monitoring and support to strengthen and secure the Covid-19 vaccinations process, but also has many wider uses to safely monitor Biopharma treatments throughout the cold chain process.

The result is enhanced ‘ePedigree’ and comprehensive audit trail throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain through all stages to disposal.

This collaboration between ourselves, Danish logistics control specialists Lyngsoe Systems and innovative US based Integrated Circuits (ICs) specialist Axzon has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in terms of measuring the temperature and dilution status of liquid pharmaceuticals during the transport, storage and administration process.

One key factor is the unique IC used in the labels which is the only IC in the market that can precisely report real-time temperature data as well as level monitoring to indicate the dilution status of the drug or how many doses are left in the receptacle or vial. Both factors make the storage and administration process quicker, safer and more controllable.

The advance RFID sensor technology also includes a unique traceable identifier, digital signature, and serial number to ensure authenticity.



The full solution includes a workstation and advanced IT RFID reading equipment, Smart RFID Handheld terminals, edge server, and BLE Freezer\Fridge temperature monitoring equipment.

The planning and process monitoring software solution runs in the background and records each step of the process and reports:

  • Vaccines have been stored within the correct temperature range.
  • Temperature and Time conformance and time remaining before expiry.
  • Full visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain process to support healthcare authority regulations, ensure vaccine efficacy, and avoid handling errors.

The solution also offers several positive economic benefits and necessary oversight to ensure compliance of strict time and temperature requirements – particularly when Covid-19 vaccines are involved. The solution is designed to ensure vaccine efficacy, minimize waste, and improve the day-to-day operations at each vaccine center.

Putting safety in context – how this solution can prevent dangerous handling errors:-

  • Administration of a non-diluted Covid-19 vaccine (as has occurred at a nursing home in Germany)
  • Loss or expiry of valuable vaccines because vaccines are not stored properly or used before expiry
  • Prevents an empty vial with no concentrated vaccine from being diluted and administered to patients
  • Staff mishandling of a vaccine because of variance in time and temperature requirements between vaccine producers and their available products
  • Prevention of the use of counterfeit vaccines

Omni-ID’s CEO, Dr. Tony Kington commented:-

“I’m delighted that the many successful years and numerous projects we have worked on with both Lyngsoe and Axzon have resulted in a solution as potentially important as this one. The ability to monitor temperature and fill level via the same IC on a RFID label is unique and will bring huge benefits, not just in vaccine administration but also in many other areas of BioPharma and Biologics drug and treatment administration.

Our technicians come up with lots of clever and innovative ideas in creating our ranges of RFID and IoT devices but I have to say this one is the one I have been most proud of and keen to talk about in the last few years.”

You can view a short intro video about this exciting technology here

You can view a short demo video here

The 3 Key Players Combining for this Unique Solution


The World’s leading developer of specialist UHF RFID devices who started life inventing the first on-metal and on-liquid RFID tag. We have taken the same boundary-pushing approach by introducing RFID and IoT devices to a significant number of industries including Logistics, Oil and Gas, Yard Management and Asset Tracking. We specialize in custom designs for difficult applications or harsh environments across the globe and even beyond – in the International Space Station.

Lyngsoe systems

Lyngsoe Systems has been a world leader in the field of cutting-edge electronic logistics control for over 40 years and is leader in the application of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. We provide the whole solution, one stop shop. We are renowned for innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and the ability to put ideas into practice.

We offer best in class logistical solutions across the customer supply chain, offering real-time visibility, traceability, and automated data capture to increase customer revenues, reduce OPEX, and ensure quality. Lyngsoe has a proven track record of more than 5,000 installations in 60 countries.  The Lyngsoe team can demonstrate extensive experience in customer process knowledge, solution design, software development, integration, service, and maintenance. We offer complete project management and consultancy services in any local, regional, or even global setting.


Since 2006, Axzon has been a leading pioneer in RFID passive sensing, bringing intelligence to the end points in the IoT market, connecting the “Unconnected”, using its highly innovative integrated circuits (ICs). Axzon’s ICs provide an unprecedented ability to monitor environmental conditions using cost-effective, per-item labels. Axzon has been serving tier one end customers in healthcare markets by providing actionable insights in logistics and patient monitoring.  Applications include cold chain monitoring of vaccines and biologics, tags for monitoring body temperature, and smart diapers.

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