More Ways to Supercharge Your IoT Projects

More Ways to Supercharge Your IoT Projects

We’re pleased to start 2021 with great news about our Sense IoT Range having added new devices, a new technology protocol and an exciting new middleware offer.



We’ve worked closely with specialist location experts ‘Quuppa’ to add 3 highly accurate asset or personnel locating trackers to the range – supplementing the Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRaWAN and GPS capabilities launched last year.

The personnel version of the new devices is called Sense ‘Shield’ and uses the Quuppa platform for tracking the movements of people around a large workplace, facility or sports stadium. As well as monitoring the movements and interactions of individuals it is also equipped with a social distancing alarm.

The 8 devices in the Sense Range are now supported by ‘OmniSphere’ a new middleware platform that seamlessly receives the data transmitted and sends it to existing corporate applications.  The platform also allows quick validation of new technology protocols or ‘proof of concept’ by presenting data from Sense devices back to you via a series of user-friendly dashboards.

The Sese IoT devices are powerful yet hugely energy efficient providing a long life and as with all Omni-ID products the growing range comes with high levels of innovation and production quality built in.

All Sense devices are also super easy to configure using the new ‘Sense Config’ mobile app where all the sensor settings and beacon rates etc can be adjusted and calibrated.

These new additions are expected to soon be followed by more forward-looking communication devices from Omni-ID offering robust, reliable and effective linkage to the Internet of Things.

This is the future of tracking, monitoring, sensing and data gathering.

Omni-ID’s Chief Executive Officer, Tony Kington commented

“The introduction of our BLE and LoRaWAN devices was a game-changer and I’ve been delighted with how well our new Sense range has been received by customers and partners.

We are seeing some really exciting applications within healthcare and cold chain condition monitoring and now we’re particularly proud that the addition of Quuppa compatibility has enabled the rapid development of devices that can be applied in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sense Shield has potential applications in healthcare settings, cruise ships, sports venues and wherever an organization needs to help people to maintain social distancing. Quuppa’s location accuracy is second to none, so our latest Sense products offer the same high performance in terms of communication distance, ruggedness, battery life, and accuracy.”

Click here to visit the new Sense webpages where you will find videos, datasheets and a useful product comparison guide.

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