Oil & Gas

Asset management in today’s oil & gas industry calls for RFID that excels in some of the world’s harshest and most challenging environments. The stakes are very high — not only around costs, compliance and margins, but to guarantee personnel and asset safety and security.

Omni-ID understands these challenges and can help you maximize your asset and inventory management capabilities in a robust, reliable and no-nonsense way. With a 360° degree view of processes and equipment, traceability and certifications can be kept right up to date, keeping engineering, drilling or delivery operations moving forward.

Visualize an entire supply chain with our ranges of passive RFID tags for hazardous or standard conditions, or ask us to custom-design and build a pioneering, trustworthy solution that fits the most unusual requirements. We love a good technical challenge, and you can trust us to produce innovations that elevate your definition of success.

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RFID best practices asset tracking in the oil & gas industry

Engineering, drilling and construction company Saipem Corporation, which transports assets such as large pipe stacks worldwide, needed safe, automated asset tracking that would work in the presence of steel and seawater at temperatures of -50°C (-58°F) to 50°C (122°F).

Omni-ID supplied ATEX-compliant passive tags for hazardous environments for on metal and plastic installations, working with Saipem to pilot the asset tagging system across a number of offshore oil drilling bases.

Result? Accurate tracking and locating for valuable assets from pipes to buoys, saving money and improving control. In addition, the remote identification system boosted personnel safety.

Customer success story

Redefining inventory tracking at the coal mine

Australian resources exporter BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) needed a faster, less error-prone method of tracking assets and inventories in its central warehouse. The mine lacked an accurate, efficient way to control labor and the cost of managing some 17,000 individual pieces of equipment.

Syscan International with partner Omni-ID developed a real-time inventory management system with Gen 2 UHF passive RFID, incorporating hard tags for motors, pumps and drills as well as paper-based smart labels for helmets and standard assets, associating each miner with their issued tools.

Result? Miners get to work faster, more accurate inventory, and an ability to pinpoint lost or stolen equipment.

Customer success story

Omni-ID’s portfolio of award-winning, industrial RFID tags and IoT devices offers a huge range of tagging, tracking, monitoring and alerting options across diverse industry sectors. Our complete solutions offer a wide range of performance, form factors and workflows to fit any asset tracking, material flow management or compliance application.

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RFID solutions that work for unique requirements

The success of data-capture hardware devices across multiple applications and markets is largely down to the development of robust, reliable RFID tags that can be mounted on a variety of surfaces and that support long-term, business-critical use cases. Innovators including Omni-ID have responded to customer need by developing increasingly durable designs resistant to harsh environments, high temperatures and heavy impacts for specific requirements — all within highly quality assured, repeatable manufacturing processes including stringent testing that meets the highest standards for enterprise deployment.

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Challenge our team of RF scientists and engineers to ideate, develop and architect something new. Our technical experts will work directly with your staff to design a high-quality Omni-ID solution for greater performance, with advanced technology that can help save you money. Every product must pass our stringent testing and quality assurance regimes.

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