Omni-ID joins HID Global to help create a true RFID Powerhouse

Omni-ID joins HID Global to help create a true RFID Powerhouse


We are pleased to announce that we have been acquired by HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions. The acquisition extends HID’s market leadership in RFID technology and utilizes our strength in India and China to boost their presence in these territories and markets. HID are delighted to bring on board our extensive range of UHF devices, both passive hard tags and labels, together with a growing range of active devices that are used across the globe by world-leading companies to track and monitor everything from golf balls to energy infrastructure, logistics containers, IT assets and equipment on the International Space Station!

Our CEO Tony Kington, who was part of the team that founded Omni-ID when it was spun out of tech corporation QinetiQ in 2007, is delighted by the logical evolution that this development represents, saying:

“Since Omni-ID started life as a dynamic and highly ambitious spin-out we have been on a mission to provide our customers with a wide range of industry leading passive and active UHF based hardware for a broad array of applications in the logistics, energy, manufacturing and IT sectors. HID Global provides the perfect platform to push our ambition even further, combining the power and structure of a major American multinational with our renowned product development and agile engineering prowess”.

Björn Lidefelt, EVP and Head of HID Global adds – “The acquisition of Omni-ID optimizes our portfolio with a broader range of value-added RAIN RFID components, active identification devices and more ways to deliver highly customized, feature-rich solutions to customers as a leading supplier of RFID use cases and IoT applications. Expanding HID’s sales and manufacturing footprint in India and in China with Omni-ID will further enhance our ability to serve customers locally, while extending our industrial IoT technology into emerging markets.”

It’s a great fit for both companies – HID were attracted by our passive, rugged long range RAIN RFID ultra-high frequency (UHF) tags and labels that we supply in several form factors for an array of identification requirements. Our focus on organizations in the industrial, oil & gas, transportation and other markets seeking rugged UHF RFID solutions for use under challenging environmental conditions (high heat, wind, dirt, explosive and other difficult scenarios) was also an appealing factor as well as our renown R&D expertise and quality of our manufacturing facilities.

We also bring UHF temperature sensing to the HID identification technologies portfolio and will now fortify HID’s deep expertise and capabilities in custom RFID design and personalization.

Our ‘Sense’ active tags and solutions which are implemented with embedded technologies and protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), LoRaWAN, GPS, Quuppa and Wirepas, will also complement the HID Location Services offerings.

The next stage of our journey starts here and we are very excited.

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