We’re Omni-ID, and this is our story

We aim to be more than a trusted data capture supplier.
We’re a company you can identify with.

The slogan we’ve used throughout this website, after all, isn’t coincidental. Our solutions can help pinpoint, categorize and manage the multiplicity of assets of different types needed by enterprises and the public sector in the 21st century.

We began as an R&D initiative within international defense and security tech firm QinetiQ, back in the 1990s. The team was tasked with investigating RFID, working out what the technology might achieve, and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

What they discovered was how to develop passive UHF RFID tags that can provide near-perfect accuracy in harsh environments, including in the presence of metals and liquids. We still hold the original patent for on-metal RFID.

This research led to groundbreaking technological improvement, representing a fundamental shift in the way the RFID tags were viewed. It also massively expanded the potential practical applications and use cases for the technology.

Research and development continued, with Dr Tony Kington joining QinetiQ in 2005 to lead engineering efforts and the eventual spin-off which became Omni-ID. Today, Kington remains not only as an original founder but president and CEO.

Our headquarters is in New York, USA with offices in the UK, China, India and Germany, as well as a high-tech manufacturing facility in Qingdao, China. Our end-to-end global supply chain includes R&D, manufacturing, sales distribution and customer service.

The Omni-ID difference — pioneering answers to real-world questions

At Omni-ID, we remain proud of our unremitting focus on the development and delivery of intelligent asset tracking solutions, winning many awards.

Our long-serving team of skilled innovators continues to excel in solving tracing and identification challenges. Examples include visual tagging system ProVIEW – now OEM’d for Panasonic – and custom tags for everything from golf balls to horticultural RTI’s and beer kegs.

At Omni-ID, we have developed a rigorous quality assurance and testing program for our lines of RFID products, whether they’re passive labels, IoT devices, or specialty and custom designed tags incorporating the latest technologies.

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With passion and integrity from concept to completion, we’re driving the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), delivering continuous improvement in accuracy, reliability and agility for supply chains and inventory across manufacturing & logistics, construction, oil & gas, utilities, IT & office asset management, government & defense, healthcare, transportation and other sectors. We operate via a valued network of channel partners and resellers.