Flex Tags

Our Flex range of passive tags

The Flex range provides more ruggedization than standard on-metal labels and includes both global and regional options. The Flex labels combine long read ranges with a small low-profile form factor and also now come in clear encased options where medium level protection is required but the label print still needs to be visible/readable.

Our Flex products are an ideal and cost-effective solution for high-volume applications in manufacturing and industry — especially for tracking and managing IT & office assets, portals and returnable transport items (RTIs) such as special packing equipment or tools.

To find our more watch this short video or download our infographic here. 

Ultimate Flexibility


A great range that also provides huge choice in terms of label size, read range, protection level and unit cost – just leaving customers to pick the exact option that suits their application best.



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Like most large organizations, the employees at one of America’s largest financial institutions rely on laptop computers to maximize efficiency.

However, maintaining security for high-value assets that enter and leave the building every day proved extremely challenging.

With the help of Omni-ID, the institution was able to meet that challenge head-on.

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At Omni-ID we pride ourselves on our ability to design, develop and build — from the ground up — unique and specialized products for unusual use cases, including harsh or rugged environments. Our dedicated and highly skilled teams of technical experts, including RF scientists, are on hand and waiting to hear about your requirements.

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Omni-ID’s portfolio of award-winning RFID technologies offers a vast array of tagging, tracking, monitoring and alerting options across many industry sectors. Our solutions are used in environments such as manufacturing & logistics, construction, oil & gas, utilities, IT & office asset management and government & defense.