Service Bureau

We at Omni-ID offer a full service bureau that’s fast, flexible and cost-effective. Print and encode the tags you need, simply and easily.

The Omni-ID service for end users and systems integrators delivers printing on the outer label and commissions tags prior to shipping, so they arrive at your facility with inventory and associated EPC coding on each tag. Ready to deploy, right out of the box.

EPC programming with printed barcode and human readable information displayed for easy identification allows customers to integrate RFID tags within legacy barcode systems — a stepping stone to full RFID adoption across any industry. The EPC memory allocation allows the customer to specify data that’s compliant with global standards such as DoD-96, GIAI-96, GID-96, GRAI-96, SGLN-96, SGTIN-96 and SSCC-96.

Choose from our predefined tag options, whether a standard printing with a rugged synthetic IQ label, a hard tag, or something more appropriate for the US Department of Defense.

Click here for tag commissioning options and FAQ.

Interested? Good to know!

Not all lists or details provided on our website are exhaustive – so give us a call or discuss your options with your sales rep to check before you choose.

Sequential data can be cross-checked by Omni-ID to ensure it corresponds to the quantity of tags being programmed in the order, but non-sequential data cannot. For non-sequential programming, the customer will have to provide an Excel spreadsheet detailing the EPC numbers and barcode required for every tag on the order.

A limited number of commonly used barcode symbologies and input data specific to the application are available. Combinations of print and barcode samples in the reference guide are by definition standard service bureau options. Any combination not shown, or referenced in the barcode options summary table, is by definition a custom label design.

The styling of the standard label designs in the guides we link below are intended as a guide. Within reason layouts and fonts can be considered as dynamic.

Final approval should always be sought from the customer prior to any production run, and OIDC should provide an accurate sample (either physical or a drawing) to seek approval.

Click here for the barcode symbology reference guide. For our service bureau reference guide, click here.

Omni-ID’s portfolio of award-winning RFID technologies offers a vast array of tagging, tracking, monitoring and alerting options across many industry sectors. Our solutions are used in environments such as manufacturing & logistics, construction, oil & gas, utilities, IT & office asset management and government & defense.