Changing the game in tagging, tracking, monitoring and sensing.

As the original patent holder and inventor of on-metal as well as balanced (on and off metal) UHF passive tags, Omni-ID is a trusted innovator that has led the advancements in asset tracking, identification and management for more than 10 years.

Omni-ID’s patented Plasmonic Structure design uses layers of conductors and dielectrics to isolate the RF from the tag’s surrounding environment, which ensures the tag performs successfully on or near metal and liquids.

Traditional tags are based on antennas, which don’t work when placed near metal or many liquids. US Patents 7,880,619 and 7,768,400, including intellectual properties (IP) used across Europe and Asia, are the key building blocks of our ever-evolving RFID IP.

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Invention and innovation – for the future of asset management

By blazing a trail, we became known for our highly flexible technology platform and have continued to evolve new products and product customizations that lead the industry for proven performance and reliability — assisted in no small part by our highly skilled, passionate teams of technical experts and our wholly-owned manufacturing facility.

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From passive RFID to active tags and IoT devices, Omni-ID’s dynamic teams of product developers and engineers constantly work to ensure that our tags, asset management and tracking solutions exceed the most stringent quality standards to drive cost-effective business efficiencies.

From concept to completion, new tracking technologies are changing the landscape across many companies as they journey towards digital transformation. We’re helping companies work smarter, achieving efficiencies for the long run with our intelligent asset and materials management technologies.

A full list of Omni-ID’s Patents