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Because no two customers are identical, our technology is customer-led, changing the game on innovation in tagging, tracking and monitoring

Select from our passive & SenseIoT ranges or our custom tagging solutions – including bespoke RFID solutions pioneered for unique requirements.

Managing assets dynamically in today’s fast-moving world is no joke. Seriously, we at Omni-ID continually evolve our trusted tagging technology. No matter what your environment demands, our game-changing, fit-for-purpose solutions offer far more than a promise or a fancy buzz phrase.

Passive RFID

Print, peel and stick in size-wise, ruggedised and low-profile SKUs.

Check out our ranges of passive tags – IQ, Fit, Exo and Flex. Don’t see what you want? Ask about our specialty tags, view the service bureau. 

IoT Devices

Sense the future of tracking, monitoring and analytics.

We’re inventing future RFID solutions, for condition monitoring, asset management, personnel and with OmniSphere. From Big Data to machine to machine (M2M) communications, Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Custom Design

Bespoke, game-changing innovations for your tagging requirements.

If you’ve been told it can’t be done, try us next. For embedded tagging or a custom solution built from the ground up, for high temperature or harsh environments, our technicans deliver quality from concept to completion.

So, what can your solutions actually do for us?

We hear you. A whole range of things, as it turns out. Working with systems integrators, we’ve managed robot tracking projects in large automated warehouses from concept to completion, specifying custom tagging attributes and managing projects end-to-end. We’ve streamlined and automated asset management in harsh environments for the oil and gas industry, and we’ve driven improvements in environmental management and municipal waste approaches through accurate, ongoing identification and geolocation of relevant assets. From private businesses to public sector organisations, customers are looking to benefit from innovations that increase efficiencies while driving down cost, by getting the right assets to the right locations, at the right time. And Omni-ID is well placed to assist.

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