Order Numbers: CP13889 (EU version) CP14166 (USA version)

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Sense Condition (alert button version)

The Sense Condition (alert button version) harnesses the power and versatility of LoRaWAN and combines it with a push button feature to create a highly effective alerting and feedback device for indoor locations. The device is very energy efficient on the powerful battery, ensuring a long life.

The device is designed to work in conjunction with local LoRa networks and has been deployed and tested with MultiTech Gateways. It is a class A end node with two different configurable beaconing schemes allowing the user to set the product to alarm on button press (Temperature and Accelerometer sensors can be added as an optional extra).


The Sense Condition (alert button version) is designed for highly reliable, long term alerting and feedback communication for a variety of different applications such as:

  • Facilities management
  • Production line material flow
  • Consumable replenishment
  • Room utilisation
  • State change notification
  • Space/asset utilisation
  • Field operations
  • Ports construction & mining
  • Emergency detection
  • Asset management
  • Worker accountability
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Yard management
Construction / Finish / Material / Encasement 2-part durable PC/ABS case
Size (mm) 80.3 x 60.3 x 21.3
Size (in) 3.16 x 2.37 x 0.84
Weight (g) 77
Attachment Adhesive
Radio Protocol
  • NFC
  • LoRaWAN
Read Range 3-5km urban - can be up to 15km line of sight
Supported Profiles
  • 868 MHz - Europe
  • 915 MHz - USA
Battery Type Sealed prismatic battery, non-replacable
Battery Capacity 3.85 Ah
Battery Life 5 years+, 25,000 activations
Default Beacon Rate 1–254 hours
Alarm Beacon Rate Configurable from 0–254 minutes (where 0 is off)
  • Push button
Optional Sensors
  • Accelerometer
Visual Indicator LED
Memory EPC:
Unique TID:
TSL1166 Specific Maximum tag to cone open end distance:
Minimum distance between tags whereby reader will only detect desired tag:
Recommended read power:
Recommended write power:
Operating Temperature –20°C to +60°C
Max Temperature Exposure Long term:
Short term:
Shock & Vibration Tolerance MIL-STD-810 F
Default Beacon Rate (in hours) Sensor Period (in minutes)
Part Number / Order Codes / Order Numbers CP13889 (EU version)
CP14166 (USA version)
Warranty 1 year