Order Numbers: CP14827-Wrist Strap CP15011-Lanyard/Belt Clip CP14934-Rivet Attachment CP14933-Without Mechanical Flange CP15012-Cable Tie Attachment CP15016 -Omni-id Lanyard accessory CP15067 -Belt Clip Accessory

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Sense Lite

The Sense Lite IoT device with Quuppa platform takes on a similar form factor to the Sense Shield but does not have the buzzer functionality. It is a highly accurate and versatile asset/people tracking device and its rugged case makes it robust enough for a host of industrial applications (apart from those where it may encounter direct heavy impact). The Sense Lite comes in a number of different wearable or attachment options including adhesive, rivets and cable ties for asset tracking or via lanyard or wrist strap if used as a simple personnel tracker.


  • Asset Tracking
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Real time location


Construction / Finish / Material / Encasement 2 Part durable plastic case
Size (mm) Lanyard or belt clip (mm) - 50.1mm x 44.5mm x 13mm
Watch strap (mm) - 44.5mm (bezel size), strap length - 115mm+75mm to buckle
Size (in) Lanyard or belt clip (inches) - 1.97'' x 1.75'' x 0.51''
Watch strap (inches) - 1.79'' (bezel size), strap length - 4.5''+2.9'' to buckle
Weight (g) TBC
Attachment 5 versions available - Wrist strap, lanyard/belt clip, rivet attachment, without attachment flange, cable tie attachment.
Radio Protocol
  • Bluetooth
Supported Profiles
  • Quuppa
Battery Type Replaceable CR2032
Battery Capacity 225mAh
Battery Life 1 year under following conditions - (device moving 10 hours/day (1Hz beacon rate). Device stationary 14 hours/day (0.1Hz beacon rate). TX power set to 0dBm
Memory EPC:
Unique TID:
TSL1166 Specific Maximum tag to cone open end distance:
Minimum distance between tags whereby reader will only detect desired tag:
Recommended read power:
Recommended write power:
Operating Temperature –20°C to +60°C
Max Temperature Exposure Long term:
Short term:
IP Rating IP68


CE, FCC, RoHS, Bluetooth