Quuppa Intelligent Locating System

A Bluetooth-based intelligent locating system from Finnish innovator Quuppa, which has partnered up with tag technology experts at Omni-ID to develop IoT innovation for markets from security, healthcare, manufacturing and defense or law enforcement to hospitality — even sport.

The most popular sport in Finland is ice hockey. In the hunt for near-real time visualisations and in-game analytics, the major league can now track player activity ten times every second, and pucks hundreds of times a second, with positioning accurate down to a few centimeters. In addition, sensors embedded in the pucks tolerate being slammed towards the goal posts at 150 kmh (93 mph).

Benefits include better live streaming and additional features for broadcast matches, adding engagement and excitement for spectators, and potential for new revenue streams.

Watch a Quuppa video on YouTube.

At Omni-ID, our culture of continuous improvement has led us to become a torch-bearer for IoT, as we continually push the boundaries and scope of tagging and tracing technology with our  technical ingenuity and partnerships.

Our new SenseIoT range, incorporating BLE, GPS, LoRaWAN and now Quuppa, represents the highest potential in accurate monitoring and positioning applications for personnel and asset management – supercharging the scope of tracking, sensing and data gathering.

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Omni-ID Sense Locate Shield

Merging a compact footprint with accelerometer and temperature sensor, this device’s audible alert buzzer and programmable options will help keep personnel safe wherever they operate, in a wide range of applications and use cases, empowered by Omni-ID SenseIoT technology and the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System.

View the provisional Sense Locate Shield datasheet on the Quuppa website.

New developments in an age of Covid-19

Quuppa and Omni-ID have been working to develop specific solutions for a range of industries and settings that can assist in the ongoing struggle against the spread of the Coronavirus. Watch this space for the latest announcements.

Quuppa’s locators and real-time locating system (RTLS) have helped Japan’s University of Fukui hospital achieve a 300% improvement in best-practice hand hygiene when attending patients with chronic disease. Opportunities to use tracking and positioning technologies to vastly improve public health — for example by encouraging and monitoring social distancing — cannot be ignored.

However, the right choice of tags and technology can vary a lot depending on the use case. For example, tracking assets in harsh industrial environments or patients in a hospital, requires different form factors and functionalities, whether within the tags themselves or their configurations. That’s why we at Omni-ID are excited about partnering Quuppa to bring a broader range of advanced tagging and specialised asset management solutions. Carefully chosen and designed, such offerings can save organisations time, money and effort at a more cost-effective price point than traditional camera-based solutions.

How Quuppa works with IoT devices

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, offering long tag battery life times, mobile device compatibility, and the ability to carry sensor data alongside positioning data. It provides highly accurate real-time positioning data versus solutions based on Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI), via unique direction finding signal processing methods coupled with Quuppa’s advanced proprietary algorithm.

Most Bluetooth devices can be programmed according to the Quuppa Tag Emulation specification, providing you or your customer with precise location data, tracking of wearable or asset tags in real-time, or monitoring of other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as heart rate monitors or temperature sensors. Additionally, Quuppa technology can be easily integrated with existing systems with pull or push APIs offering standard JSON/REST or CSV formats. Quuppa can be incorporated into Omni-ID’s sophisticated series of ‘Sense’ IoT devices with BLE, LoRaWAN and GPS, which work with IoT gateways to communicate data packets to a central cloud or locally hosted server.

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Potential in healthcare and beyond

At the University of Fukui hospital in Japan, Quuppa locators were installed in various places, including overhead and in rooms and corridors. Quuppa-enabled tags were attached to items such as washstands and disinfection spray pumps. By analysing the data harvested this way, the hospital could swiftly identify whether correct disinfection procedures were being followed in the right locations, at the appropriate times, at individual, ward or hospital level.

Such systems provide a highly accurate means of measuring and monitoring the distance between people — or objects — or tracking the times spent at particular locations. This can assist with healthcare track-and-trace initiatives as well as asset or personnel tracking. Using IoT gateways, recorded data can be played back to audit the location history of multiple Quuppa enabled tags. But it’s not all about hygiene and hospitals: RTLS solutions from Quuppa and partners are already being adopted in other settings, including industrial workplaces and engineering facilities, in ways that will continue to drive better business decisions and outcomes into the future.

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