Sense Biologics

Intelligent label system for complete administration of vaccines and therapeutics.

Incorporating Lyngsoe LIVE LogisticsTM & Omni-ID RFID Sensor Label and Axzon’s Magnus IC to provide

  • Enhanced ‘ePedigree’ and comprehensive audit trail throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain through all stages to disposal
  • Accurately monitor temperature and liquid volume level
  • Ensure correct dilution levels before administration
  • Monitor time and temperature throughout to ensure use before expiration and minimize wastage
  • Control volumes of high value pharmaceuticals to prevent unauthorized use
  • Allows temperature monitoring and reporting throughout the wider shipping process prior to arrival in clinical environment

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Supporting clinical trials and global distribution of vaccines and therapeutics

Lyngsoe LIVE LogisticsTM, a unified platform that captures volume and temperature information from Omni-ID RFID Sensor Labels to seamlessly manage and share the data.

Working with global supply-chains across different sectors has enabled Lyngsoe Systems to roll-out a highly innovative and reliable platform with supported data capture devices. Perfect for extreme conditions where flawless performance are expected – such as tracking the journey of vaccine vials from manufacture to vaccine administration and securing a timely vaccination process within the prescribed temperature range.

Lyngsoe LIVE LogisticsTM

Unique features

Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ – a well proven supply-chain platform

  • _Proven system reliability in large scale healthcare set-ups
  • _Fully scalable both horizontally and vertically
  • _Accuracy, integrity and reliable real-time data
  • _Ingest data from any existing source or system

User centered workstation for all process steps

  • _User-friendly and responsive web interface
  • _Fast and seamless installation
  • _Easy configuration
  • _No IT or RFID skills required

Omni-ID RFID Sensor Label

Omni-ID’s RFID Sensor Labels provide precise temperature and volume measurement for instant monitoring of vials or bottles

Seamlessly monitor critical factors

Temperature – Fluid level – Time to expiration

  • Automatic monitoring
  • Multiple vials or bottles updated within seconds

3 key players one unique solution


A team experienced in global roll-outs of remote monitoring and support in the healthcare industry, including the following projects:

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