Sense Passive

RFID monitoring with temperature sensors – a cost effective game changer 

As a leading provider of asset tracking RFID tags we are always improving and developing our products. The latest evolution to include temperature and moisture sensors has created solutions that bring real benefits – some that save time, some that save maintenance and even some that save lives.

These Sense ‘passive’ tags will sit alongside their ‘active’ cousins in the SenseIoT range launched in 2019 – that provide high powered, long range tracking and sensing via Bluetooth, LoRa, Quuppa and GPS.

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The Magic of Magnus®

[OK, it’s not really magic but it is very clever]


The Sense Passive family comprises small form factor ceramic tags as well as self adhesive labels in a range of sizes.

Sense Passive Demo Kit

The ideal way to try out these very clever tags and labels for yourself.

Kit Contains
5 x Sense FIT 500
10 x Sense IQ 550P
10 x Sense IQ 175 label
10 x Sense IQ 430
10 x Sense IQ 200P
1 x CSL Handheld Reader
1 x Sense Passive Product User Guide

The comprehensive User Guide supplied with the kit gives full instructions on how to configure the tags and labels to the CS108 reader and to get the most out of your testing.

Please note you will need your own smart device (iOS or Android) and will need to download the free CSL App.

To get hold of your demo kit or enquire about pricing please e-mail stating that you are interested in a Sense Passive Demo Kit or click the contact us button below.

Download Demo Kit Information Sheet

Now we are raising the temperature even more thanks to the magic of Magnus® M3D (the latest sensing IC from our partner Axzon).

Our RFID labels and tags have helped some of the World’s largest users of IT equipment to track and monitor these valuable and important assets and to deliver huge increases in accuracy and efficiency.

Our range of hard tags and labels for this purpose has grown and developed to provide more options, longer read ranges and smaller footprints.

But the latest development is pushing the boundaries of IT Asset tracking even further by adding temperature sensing capability to instantly and accurately provide data on the temperature of the environment or the surface the tag is attached to.

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Previous Data Center Use Case

Now, more than ever, organizations need to increase efficiency of IT inventory and asset management processes. Unless IT assets can be effectively tracked—either within the data center or by monitoring their entry and exit—companies can’t meet service, financial, and legal obligations related to managing those assets.

Data centers, in particular, present inventory challenges that expose companies to higher costs and greater liability. When corporate data is involved, the potential loss of sensitive information housed in data center assets puts organizations at serious security and regulatory risk.

Learn how RFID tagging enables organizations to increase efficiency in IT inventory and asset management tracking.

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