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New Success Story: Gitterbox Tagging

A story of true collaboration between Omni-ID, Mieloo & Alexander and Logistics Arts to create an intelligent design with tenacious problem solving.



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Custom RFID Design for Container Centralen With an Exacting set of Requirements.

How a custom RFID design enables the tracking and monitoring of 4.5m horticultural RTI’s across Europe.

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Oil and Gas Success Story

How digital automation using Omni-ID’s RFID  devices is transforming the business of extraction in some of the harshest environments.

NASA Improves Inventory Time 30% Using Agency-Wide RFID Solution

Omni-ID supplies NASA with a customized RFID solution to create inventory efficiencies across 12 sites –  tracking tens of thousands of assets.

HERA Group Introduced a Tracking and Traceability System To Support Environmental Services Management

Omni-ID’s highly impact resistant, on-metal passive tag enabled this gas provider to track cylinders throughout its global supply chain.

Omni-ID Tracks Assets For A Global Provider Of High-Pressure Gas Cylinders

HERA Group, one of the primary multi-utility agencies in Italy uses Omni-ID tags to track gas cylinders that through its global supply chain.

RFID Aids The Village Of Thiensville

Omni-ID’s RFID devices are used in an infrastructure marking system to simplify the location and mapping of underground utilities.

NASA Employs RFID Asset Management Solution.

Find out how NASA is deploying RFID for asset management of data center and lab equipment.

RFID Makes Self-Service Equipment Rental Practical For Speedy Services

Find out how an RFID based tool rental unit helps to save time and money on the construction site.

RFID Tags Deployed In Offshore Oil Industry For Inventory Control

Saipem uses RFID to keep track of the wide range of equipment used in global oil and gas recovery  – a tremendous challenge in harsh environments, given that steel is the primary material and is often submerged in salt water!

Redefining Laptop Security At Financial Institution

Maintaining security for high-value assets that leave the building every day is a challenge. The solution was to implement automatic identification at the security desks.

IT Asset Tracking For Risk Mitigation And Compliance

One of the nation’s largest banks uses Omni-ID RFID tags to inventory its IT assets, including recording removal or entry to a data center.

Asset Tracking And Visibility In The IT Data Center

Learn how RFID tagging enables organizations to increase efficiency in IT inventory and asset management tracking.

Transportation Agency Automates Asset Tracking System

Manually tracking and managing IT assets and inventory was time consuming, error prone, and an administrative burden. Learn how RFID tags cut inventory tracking by 50%.

RFID For Aerospace & Defense Applications

OATSystems Integrates Real-time Visibility: RFID-enabled Applications in Defense and Aerospace.

Hands-Free RFID Tool Tracking System

Holt Cat manages tens of thousands of tools and found a barcode approach inefficient and labor intensive.

Inventory Tracking At The Coal Mine

BMA tracks over 17,000 equipment items and the 300 mine personnel who physically enter the warehouse. The solution was to embed RFID chips into each helmet.

Inventory Tracking In Retail Warehousing

Learn why one of world’s largest retail chains is integrating EPC RFID tagging into its business to improve pallet tracking in its warehouse operations.

Supply Chain Transparency In An Automobile Engine Tracking Pilot

Learn how RFID tagging enables a European automobile engine manufacturer to calculate circulation time of the company’s container assets.

Full Verification Of Disk Drive Destruction

Theft and loss through careless handling procedures are the primary means by which sensitive information is inadvertently disclosed.

Tracking Robots In The World’s Most Advanced Warehouses

Ocado, the world’s largest online only grocery retailer, used Omni-ID tags to address significant challenges that were delaying widescale technology adoption in their automated warehouses.

Improving the accuracy of processing equipment

Generating equipment visibility for the US Marines

Improving asset visibility & equipment accountability 

U.S. Marines’ Blount Island Command Attaches Passive Tags to Containers 

Passive RFID provides dynamic yard management to the world’s leading brands

Created for industry leading, PINC 

Managing inventory efficiency across multiple sites and regions 

 Using Active RFID for Yard Management and Consigned Inventory Tracking