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Our RFID and IoT devices are more than just tags and labels – they are trusted technology that not only identifies assets but connects critical infrastructure and multiplies efficiencies anywhere, in real time

Smart, innovative asset management, inventory control and tagging technology for the 21st century

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has become ever more important for many business-critical applications, whether public or private sector. We’re talking about everything from agile supply chain management and asset management to fleet tracking, work-in-process monitoring, and access control. Key to the success of our (and your) intelligent, specialized applications is continuous improvement, from concept to completion, ensuring only the most fit-for-purpose, durable and high-performing invention for integration.


Reliable, robust RFID tags that also work near liquid and metal.

Our robust, reliable transponders can be mounted on various surfaces long-term, rigorously quality-assured and guaranteed. Excellence in innovation and manufacturing quality results in enhanced durability and survivability even near materials that traditionally interfere with RF signals.

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Wireless personal area networking for a range of applications from security to healthcare.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology supercharges our SenseIoT range of tracking, monitoring and sensing devices for Big Data applications and beyond, communicating up to 200 meters over WiFi, LAN, cellular, cloud or local hosts.

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Reliable moderate-load, long-range internet communications.

LoRaWAN is a cloud-based, medium access control (MAC) layer protocol that acts as a network layer protocol to manage communications between LPWAN gateways and end-node devices such as our SenseIoT devices, helping control data rate and power as well as the frequencies.

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Intelligent, real-time locating engine for asset management anywhere.

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System works with BLE to power location-based services and applications with real-time positioning and direction finding, building upon advanced proprietary algorithms. Advantages include longer tag battery life and mobile device compatibility as well as the ability to carry sensor data alongside positioning data.

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Technical exclusivity that guarantees performance in challenging conditions.

Omni-ID technologies are backed by market-leading innovations patented across the USA, Europe and Asia. Our ingenious plasmonic structure design layers conductors and dielectrics to isolate the RF from the tag’s surrounding environment, including when tags are on or near metal and liquids.

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Testing, testing, 123 …

Extensive and controlled testing of its RFID tags to defined standards, validating that the tags can meet and exceed their stated performance specifications in a variety of particular and enhanced conditions, mean Omni-ID can guarantee the quality of its products both at delivery and over the course of utilization in real-world applications. The quality assurance testing program developed at Omni-ID has allowed the company to continuously improve and sustain the quality of its tag portfolio, while enabling ongoing performance and material improvements in the future. With these stringent testing strategies in place, customers can be assured that the tags they deploy will perform reliably over the life of their applications.