Ultimate FLEXibility – Our Flex Family of labels is growing

Ultimate FLEXibility – Our Flex Family of labels is growing

Our Flex labels have provided excellent read performance and low cost over numerous asset tracking solutions in the last few years but the time has come to give them a bit of a refresh.

The Flex 600 will see its footprint reduced by 43% whilst its impressive 6m on-metal read range remains the same thanks to technical improvements we’ve made to the label design and to ongoing enhancements to the IC’s we use.


The Flex 1200 stays the same size, keeps its impressive 12m read range but will now benefit from ‘Global’ frequency for projects that span international territories.

But the family of 2 will now become 3 with the addition of the Flex 1000 with a footprint in between its 2 siblings at 45x20mm. With a new high spec chip on board it will deliver on-metal read range of over 10m (and up-to 12m like its bigger brother in some environments).

All 3 Flex products also have new encasement options for scenarios where the label print needs to be protected but still human readable or where medium level impact protection is required.  The ‘Shell’ option is a hard, clear case upper that sits on top of the label and the ‘Shell +’ option includes a case lower as well to provide complete encasement. Both options offer IP68 water protection and can be attached with either adhesive or via rivet holes.

The Flex products are perfect for a range of indoor and outdoor asset tracking and are particularly suited to warehouse applications on trays, shelves, containers, trolleys, RTI’s or roll cages.



A great range that also provides huge choice in terms of label size, read range, protection level and unit cost – just leaving customers to pick the exact option that suits their application best.

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