When Theinsville in Wisconsin, USA sought a better way to locate, map and maintain 1.5 km of underground pipes that supply water to residents, the solution was a RFID marker system for the village main.

Survey data for each marker is hosted on web-based servers was integrated with the village GIS — taking the guesswork out of locating and managing utilities, saving time and money.

Whether it’s pipes and assets below ground, or poles and personnel above, there are RFID devices that will work.

At Omni-ID, our professional, highly-skilled team of specialists has pioneered an extensive portfolio of cost-effective passive RFID tags, specialty labels, IoT sensors and custom-built tracking and monitoring solutions to fit almost any utility application, no matter how challenging the environment.

We’re a market leader in vertical integration and contiuous improvement, guaranteeing manufacturing excellence through testing and quality assurance in every tag or sensor we supply.

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Intelligent technology for waste containers

Italian multi-utility Hera Group needed a way to manage assets with an 8500-strong workforce supplying gas, electricity, water and services, and refuse collection/disposal in 181 municipalities.

Tenenga deployed some 200,000 of Omni-ID’s rugged Exo 800 tags on kerbside waste containers with GPS and handheld and vehicle-mounted scanners to monitor and manage collection times and container locations.

Result? Massively improved compliance, service efficiency and effectiveness.

Customer success story

How to make asset management smarter for utilities

CIO Review, in an analysis where it named Omni-ID one of the most promising technology solution providers for utilities.

“Tracking drilling pipes from on shore to off shore locations versus tracking utility poles used by power companies requires a different set of tags and work requirements. By working intimately with our customers, we ensure their complete solution, from tags to readers to software, which is built specifically for them,” he explained.

“Compliance and safety are two vital concerns for utilities companies and each is impaired by the lack of asset visibility throughout the supply chain. By affixing RFID tags, companies can create ‘smart’ assets with the realtime visibility. The assets and equipment can also provide valuable feedback about required maintenance, which is critical to maintain compliance and proper certifications.”

Omni-ID’s portfolio of award-winning, industrial RFID tags and IoT devices offers a huge range of tagging, tracking, monitoring and alerting options across diverse industry sectors. Our complete solutions offer a wide range of performance, form factors and workflows to fit any asset tracking, material flow management or compliance application.

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RFID solutions that work for unique requirements

The success of data-capture hardware devices across multiple applications and markets is largely down to the development of robust, reliable RFID tags that can be mounted on a variety of surfaces and that support long-term, business-critical use cases. Innovators including Omni-ID have responded to customer need by developing increasingly durable designs resistant to harsh environments, high temperatures and heavy impacts for specific requirements — all within highly quality assured, repeatable manufacturing processes including stringent testing that meets the highest standards for enterprise deployment.

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Challenge our team of RF scientists and engineers to ideate, develop and architect something new. Our technical experts will work directly with your staff to design a high-quality Omni-ID solution for greater performance, with advanced technology that can help save you money. Every product must pass our stringent testing and quality assurance regimes.

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